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About Us

Aquasan is a leading manufacturer of ceramics sanitary ware in the state of Kuwait, Aquasan provides superior quality products combined with comfort and reliability at affordable prices. Aquasan manufacturing plant is located at Mina Abdullah Industrial area, spanning over 65000 m2, featuring state of art manufacturing technology with precision & Control.

Our aim is to create an exclusive range of modern & contemporary bathroom products with genuine character & supreme quality, utilizing the finest raw materials available in the market .Our system insures that all our products are developed to comply with the British Standard Institution (BS 3402).

Aquasan sanitary ware will aim at upgrading people's lifestyle based on the integrated sanitary ware solution. Aquasan wants to lead the market, develop and innovate, and provide the made-to-order, safe and comfortable products to customer.

At Aquasan quality and creativity is not just the product. Aquasan gain high prestige in taking contracts seriously, abiding by its word, of the guaranteed high quality, the competitive price, and the soon delivery in domestic and overseas market.


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